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New Holland Workmaster 33 Package


Workmaster 33

  • 32.6 Engine HP
  • 4x4 Syncro- Shuttle Transmission
  • Loader
  • Cutter Box Blade
  • Trailer
  • True to the original tractors popular in the 1960s, today‚Äôs WORKMASTER tractors from New Holland are simple, tough and economical
  • New Holland's signature sloped hood, rounded fenders and sleek, curved lighting provide unsurpassed sight-lines in all directions
  • Turbocharged, three-cylinder engines meet strict Tier 4B emissions standards, and are approved to run on B7 biodiesel blends, so these tractors not only boost air quality, they give you fuel flexibility
  • Deluxe contoured suspension seat adjusts to match the height of every operator
  • Controls are dash mounted and at your side so they come quickly to your hand for effortless operation
  • Convenient 4 x 4 synchronized shuttle transmission matches the speed you need for any task
  • Save valuable time: Check the engine oil without raising the hood. Slide the hood open on it's gas strut to access other service areas
  • The three-point hitch lift capacity of 2,701 pounds (24 inches behind ball ends) lets you take on bigger implements to make short work of any job
  • New Holland TS6 Series


    • 110 Engine HP, 90 PTO HP
    • 8x8 Powershuttle or 16x8 Dual Power Powershuttle


    • 119 Engine HP, 96 PTO HP
    • 8x8 Powershuttle or 16x8 Dual Power Powershuttle


    • 130 Engine HP, 105 PTO HP
    • 8x8 Powershuttle or 16x8 Dual Power POwershuttle


    • 139 Engine HP, 115 PTO HP
    • 8x8 Powershuttle or 16x8 Dual Power Powershuttle
  • New Holland Workmaster Utility Series

    Workmaster 50

    • 53 Engine HP, 45 PTO HP, 8x8 Syncro- Shuttle Transmission

    Workmaster 60

    • 60 Engine HP, 51 PTO HP, 8x8 Syncro-Shuttle Transmission

    Workmaster 70

    • 70 Engine HP, 62 PTO HP, 8x8 Sycro-Shuttle Transmission
  • New Holland Workmaster Compact Series

    Workmaster 33 Shuttle Transmission

    • 32 Engine HP, 26 PTO HP

    Workmaster 33 Hydrostatic Transmission

    • 32 Engine HP, 24.7 PTO HP

    Workmaster 37 Shuttle Transmission

    • 36 Engine HP, 29.6 PTO HP

    Workmaster 37 Hydrostatic Transmission

    • 36 Engine HP, 28 PTO HP
  • New Holland T4 Powerstar


    • 74 HP Engine, 65 PTO HP , 8x8 or 12x12 Power Shuttle Transmission
    • CAB or Open Station
  • New Holland T4 Series

    T4.100 CAB

    • 12x12 Powershuttle Transmission, 99 Engine HP, 85 PTO HP

    T4.110 CAB

    • 12x12 Powershuttle Transmission, 107 Engine HP, 93 PTO HP

    T4.120 CAB

    • 12x12 Powershuttle Transmission, 117 Engine HP, 99 PTO HP
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